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Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, an entrepreneur, or a college kid dreaming about starting your own business, is an essential and trusted road map to Campbell River and area’s complex web and business connections.
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JD Groves Stagecoach Media
Stagecoach Media, Campbell River BC, Vancouver Island“Go Campbell River is one of the best local sites you could possibly list your business on. Listing our business on “The GO” helped boost our SEO ranking ten-fold, giving us almost instant local visibility on the web, at a time we needed it most! – A special thanks to GO Campbell River! -5 Stars!”

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Daniel Franklin
“Go Campbell River is an excellent resource for both residents of Campbell River and visitors. Tons of information about local businesses, news, and events. It is also a great place for local business owners to gain exposure on the internet.”

To learn how our digital product can take your business to the next level contact Catherine:

Glen Clark Sunlife Financial
Glen_Clark_Sunlife_Financial Campbell River Vancouver Island“I have used GoCampbellRiver dot com for advertising for a couple of years. The staff is great and very quick! If you need a correction done they are lightning fast. You can call them and not talk to a robot. Their rates for an ad are very reasonable and they aim to please. As far as the site, it’s awesome! When I search it comes up very quickly and is displayed nicely. I have bought things on the dutch auction many times and it has been wonderful. I highly recommend Go Campbell River to anyone wanting to have an online advertising presence in Campbell River. They are also constantly promoting Campbell River, tourism and marketing in the area.”

To learn out how our digital product can take your business to the next level contact Catherine:

Iza Gilson –  IZCO Technology Technology Solutions
IZCO Computer Services, Campbell River BC, Vancouver Island“Catherine’s passion for her work and our community is contagious. I love where she is going with GoCampbellRiver and the fact that she is taking us with her. The website is a priceless community resource.”

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Norm McLaren – Former Executive Director Comox Valley Economic Development Society
“A great page and service to the community. Thanks for developing a wonderful service.” 

To learn out how our digital product can take your business to the next level contact Catherine:

Peter Brewster – Former Managing Editor The Toronto Sun 
“Got some time yesterday to look at your site.
AMAZING! Such a mountain of info.
Well done, lady. Very well done.
Am already working on my family to make Campbell R. and Vanc Island our vacation destination for next spring.” 

Patricia Sawatzky TAP BookKeeping
Tap Bookkeeping Campbell River Book keeper“As a small but growing business, we need to have a presence online and in our community. Fortunately for me, early on I met Catherine Temple who introduced me to the low cost but very effective advertising available on the website GO Campbell  TAP Bookkeeping, first known as Patricia’s Bookkeeping, has advertised with GO Campbell River for the past 4 years.  Each time I have requested changes or updates, they are dealt with quickly and efficiently.  Catherine’s service is truly personalized and prompt.
TAP Bookkeeping is proud to advertise on a local forum, that provides 24/7 coverage, and promotes our whole community, not just the business community.

Catherine is very knowledgeable in the area of marketing and can give advertisers feedback in regards to their advertisement on Go Campbell

I would encourage anyone who is looking for a cost effective way to market their business online, to advertise with GO Campbell  It will make your business easier to find online, and will complement your website or other online advertising.”

Wendy Mayers, Berwick by the Sea
Community Relations Manager
Berwick by the sea Campbell River“I first met Catherine in the late 90’s – while she was working in a different capacity than she is now.  And even back then – it was evident – her excitement and passion for what she does!  Now almost 20 years later and many different ventures in between, I have re-discovered Catherine’s immense enthusiasm for helping people promote their business through Go Campbell River. She offers a clear and concise explanation of the website, the available analytics, offers very affordable enhanced listings and she does it all very quickly.  Catherine is efficient and a pleasure to work with.”

Helen Dolhanyk Excellence in Enterprise Consulting

“Catherine, I’m not sure if I thanked you at our Art Fest meeting  for the great help that was to me when I was re-locating here. (The meeting you attended was lively, intense, & hugely focused on internet marketing, etc.).  ;  )

In 2012-13,  (after a brief exploratory visit here in Sept. 2012) , I started researching your site for key resources à accommodation; stores – furniture, food, books, etc.; schools/training orgs & others to offer my courses to, etc. Your site has  been hugely helpful, and I continue to rely on it! Thanks again…..  :  )”

Richard & Marylin – Mgrs Big Rock Motel

“If anyone is in the area, could you drop off some goCampbellRiver brochures for our office, please and thx.  You site is the best info on CR and I pass it on to everyone visiting here.”

Patrick (Bud) Logan – Ask

“Was impressed with your page on birding, nicely done. I and my family are avid birders and we enjoy just getting out there. Your page will inspire many more to get out and enjoy our great outdoors here in Campbell River and the Island…..just wanted to give you kudos for helping show others the natural wonders that can be found in our area. Keep up the good work. “

Linda Krug – VI Canine Services

“Hey fellow dog lovers, there is a website on Campbell River that is second to none! I use it as my phone book and for all the great hiking trails so if you want info and/or listings, go to…Hey Catherine Temple please update me ♥ you have an awesome site!”

Jivano Tao
“WOW!  Most awesome site.   Gorgeous!  Full of any info one might need.  Impressive!”

Lillian Woods
“Wow this is an awesome site! Thanks so much:) Lillian”

VIreviews – Shalyn
@GoCampbellRiver hi Catherine! Love what you’re doing for your #vancouverislandcity of #CampbellRiver :)”

Divesafe International – Cathy Karol
divesafe international Campbell River Vancouver Island“Hi Catherine – we put it on our website – and by the way I am really impressed with what you are doing.
I had a student in the office last week and he needed a list of accommodations and I went right to your website and printed out what he needed
Good Stuff.”

Mountain Girl
Your awesome!!
Website looks great!

Pauline Wolf
Thank you Catherine for your excellent update and words of encouragement for the future of our beautiful city! You are one of its shining gems!

Leah Tremain
We were just talking about positive messaging, and this one is a great way to start. Well Done.

Colyn Clay
Hi Catherine,
My name is Colyn Clay my company is Campbell River Land Corp. Dan Samson sent me your current newsletter. I am extremely impressed. We are building the hotel you referred to in your last article. Please stay in touch with me and put me on your mailing list.

Jeremy Latham
Thank you for putting that meeting together, as I do believe we’ve got a great product to offer mountain biking tourists. I hope to get a chance to buy you lunch and chat all things web sometime in the near future. You’ve been doing a great job growing your site!

Jivana Tao
WOW! Most awesome site. Gorgeous! Full of any info one might need. Impressive!

Lillian Woods
Wow this is an awesome site! Thanks so much:) Lillian

Gord or Jan Burkholder
Some people actually told me they found our club (Rock and Gen Club) through your site, they were from the states I think. So I checked it out. Thank you for including us…Great site.

John – Phototech
I have people coming into my shop all the time talking about your website, you are doing a great job.

Randy Check
Many thanks,
Catherine, that was the best online service we have experienced in 15 yrs.
Do you have staff interested in part time work with real estate web design, or perhaps able to recommend anyone?

Johnson’s Lock and Key
“Thanks Catherine, GoCampbellRiver is such a great idea. I love it!”

John Robilliard
Wow, an interviewer, well done, the City of Campbell River needs your website. You got it girl.

Sonia Edwards, MBA
What a great website you have! I have to say, I was skeptical last night when you told me you had 1100 pages of information, but now I believe you!!! Being new in town, I will definitely use it as a guide to services and things to do in the area.