Campbell River Community Events Calendar Guidelines for Posting


Step #1: Go to

            On the top bar in the white space it says       HOME                 EVENTS           CAMPBELL RIVER > > >

Step #2: Click on the word EVENTS and a drop down menu comes up.

Step #3: In the Drop down menu Click on EVENTS CALENDAR

            Scroll down until you see a green Bar that says: “CLICK HERE TO POST YOUR EVENT!”  click on as             many of our advertisers pages as you like.

Step #4: Click on the Bar.

            A Window opens up entitled Post Your Event.

Step #5:  Follow the prompts

TIPS for the best postings ever on the Campbell River Community Events Calendar

 Event Title (required): Don’t just post your Event Title but also post the name of your organization.  Such as:
Art Classes – vs Art Classes – Jane’s Art Studio This gives your organization a bit more of a push on the page.

Date (required): This one goes without explanation.

Time zone:  Don’t worry about this one it is automatically our time zone.

 Venue name (required):  If you post the Venue Name it may automatically populate. If not have the address of the venue handy to for the next field.

Include Map: Check this box as you never know who will be seeing this.

Categories: Click on the field and a drop down menu will appear. There is a long list of categories, feel free to click as many as are pertinent to your event. However if it is a sale or flyer it will only be allowed in that category.

Location:  Just choose the location that is the closest. If there isn’t one there just leave it blank.

Tags: This is for Search Engine Optimization, just think of things that people would be typing into the search bar that pertain to your event, you may choose several, put commas in-between each phrase.

Audience: This is important if you have an event specifically for kids or Adults. The Calendar is getting a lot of submissions which we are very happy about, however it can make for some extensive reading.  People can filter information that is coming through, so if someone is only interested in Kids Activities if you do not have your event rated for kids they will not see it.

 Cost:  Pretty much speaks for itself.

 Description (required):  Now this is where you get the chance to shine and promote your organization.  The Description can be as long as you like.  We find that if you post in a full description, then add a bit of a blurb for your organization or a push for other events you may have in the future it works great.

            Example:  Limited Description: 

            Day hike into Paradise Meadows with the Strathcona Wilderness Institute.

                        Unlimited Description:

            Day hike into Paradise Meadows with the Strathcona Wilderness Institute. 

            We are the Strathcona Wilderness Institute, a non-profit society incorporated in 1995 whose         mission is to inspire awareness, appreciation and stewardship of the natural world through     education and participation..

            The institute embraces the goals of the Strathcona Park Master Plan to protect the natural beauty of the             park while at the same time promoting public enjoyment and respect for integrity and completeness        of the wilderness.

            With more park land under government protection and fewer government funds available for       services and facilities, it is increasingly necessary for park users to learn to assume responsibility   for themselves and to take care of the natural environment by minimizing the impact of their    presence.

            Strathcona Wilderness Institute believes that by facilitating wilderness experience it will help keep the             human spirit in balance in our ever-changing society.

             Click here to learn more about the Strathcona Wilderness Institute (Link this line)

 Organizer name (required): This is the organizations name not your personal name unless it is one in the same.

Organizer email (required):  This is so that we can send you an email to let you know we have vetted and posted your event and prevents Phishing.

 Phone number: Optional but if people choose this form of communication with you it is handy to have it front and centre.

 Your Website URL:  Optional again however it is a great way to toot your horn a bit.

 Free: Tick this box if your event is free.

 Cost:  Posts the amount it will cost to participate in this event.

Registration URL starting with https://: If you have a ticketing agent or have set up a landing page for registration this is where it goes.

 Submitter name: Pretty self explanatory your name.

 Submitter email:  This is important as we cannot send you an email to let you know we vetted your submission if we don’t have an email.

 Image: This is one of the most important fields.  The image is what catches the attention of the people looking at the calendar. If you do not select an image it will automatically populate to our default images which are great but do not reflect your event, just the category.

 Posting Rules: of course if you don’t agree you can’t post.

 Submit Event: When you submit, your event does not necessarily show up on the calendar right away. In order for us to keep the process as easy as possible we forewent you the submitter having to create an account. In order to maintain the integrity of the postings we vet everything that comes through, so you may have to wait to see your posting live.

 We will send you a note when we have vetted the event.