Campbell River TropFest Film Festival

Finalists of the Campbell River TropFest High School Fim Festival Jun 2018

Each year our local high schools media programs particpate in teh CR TropFest.  The categories are Juniors and Seniors and the films are graded on the following criteria.

The kids did an outstanding job, many of these films are festival quality and such a joy to watch.  How would you rate them?

Camera Work/ 20

Camera Composition; DOF; Steady Camera; Shots in Focus; Intentional Movement (pans and zooms effectively; White balance


Clarity; Consistent levels; Appropriateness (music choice and sound effects); Diegetic and Non-diegetic sounds


Flow/Pacing/Continuity; Use of appropriate transitions (if needed); Use of appropriate cuts; Colour correction; Effects enhance the film (if used); Evidence of editing (not just a drag a drop)


Evidence of planning; Definite beginning and closing; Effective writing; Information appropriate to subject matter, target audience and style of video

Approach / Overall Impact / 15

Effective combining of imagery, sound and graphics to enhance video; Viewer’s interest captured AND held; Has entertainment value

The CR TropFest finalists.

Inception by Samuel Budden 1:22 – Junior

Bare Bylls Dominic Bakota 4:59 – Junior

Reminiscent by Andy Yoon 4:42 – Junior

ADVENTURE by Stefan Van De Vlasakker 4:08 – Junior

Why I like the Bike Life by Jake Yells 3:30 – Junior

The Crash by Tyler Miller 2:45 – Junior

Scarlett’s Fever by Jillian Frank 4:49 – Senoir

Between the Lines by Isen Pellegrin 5:46 – Senior

ONLY by Ian Boyd 5:00 – Senior

Hagen’s Sample by Aine Cowan 3:15 – Senior

Filmmaking by Noah Vaton 4:28 – Senior

T-Line PD by Heydon 5:22 – Senior

Nepal by Grady Robertson 6:44 – Senior

Keep Moving by Gordon Ludvigson 2:49 – Senior

The Nickel by Noah Gardner 1:59  – Senior

The Nickle campbell River trop fest

Hunted by /William and Colton 4:59  

“Life ‘n’ Times of Bo Crayfish vol.1” by Zack Final 4:59

Awakening of the Canoes by Brenna Francis 4:25