Campbell River’s Hidden Secret – The Quinsam River

The Quinsam River in Campbell River – Video – An Aerial View

The Campbell River- in all its prominence, is but the aggregation of waters feeding a central watercourse by dozens of tributaries. The most important being the Quinsam River system. The Quinsam River water system is the quintessential example of a self enclosed and complex system of rivulets, creeks, streams, and babbling brooks that affect “all” that it’s many arteries come in contact with.

It is the Quinsam River that creates the gravel beds for the famed giant Chinook to spawn in. The Chinook that have made Campbell so famous. It is the Quinsam River that channels hundreds if not thousands of square miles of rainfall, culminating in a steady flow into the Campbell.

Encompassing numerous lakes, creeks, mountains and marshes, the Quinsam River is a vital component to the eco-diversity that we all know as the Campbell River watershed.

This amazing video takes you for a flight along the Quinsam River, explaining the journey from a bird’s eye view. Watch it until the end it will surprise you just how long a journey much of this crystal clear water travels before it enters the Campbell. The video is inspiring and interesting.

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