Campbell River Cruise Ship Schedule

Watching Cruise Ships pass through the waters surrounding Campbell River is an awesome moment to witness and capture with your camera. We have all the information you need to know which cruise ships are sailing by and what day and time they’re expected.

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Descriptions of Cruise Ships of the Inside Passage

Celebrity_Millennium Cruise Ship Spotting Campbell River

In one evening in Campbell River you may see as many as three of four ships come through Seymour Narrows and down the Discovery Passage. This is a sight to behold and one that cannot be repeated anywhere else in the world, in a natural setting.

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Cruise Ship Schedule – June 2019


Sometimes the Cruise Ships passing Campbell River can feel like they are so close you can touch them. With the Discovery Passage only being a tad more than a kilometre wide, there is no doubt that is as close as they can get.

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Cruise Ship Schedule – July 2019

Cruise Ship of the inside passage near Seymour Narrows Campbell River

The Carnival Cruise Lines ships are amongst the most dramatic ships to pass by Campbell River, their schedules are easier to predict and the ships are a sight to be seen. Check out the weight, tonnage and specifics of these ships in our ship descriptions.

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Cruise Ship Schedule – August 2019

Cruise Ship schedules Campbell River Vancouver Island BC Cruise Spitting

Once again Campbell River offers a truly unique experience to our residence and visitors. Cruise Ship spotting cannot be done in very many places in the world, and Campbell River is one of the Best places to get up close and personal with as many as three or four of them on one tide.

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Cruise Ship Schedule – September 2019

Fishing near a cruise ship Campbell River Vancouver Island BC Canada

Of course being on the water in the Discovery Passage near Campbell River, will give you the most up close and personal view of a cruise ship travelling down the inside passage on their way to Vancouver, or north to Alaska. The fog just serves to enhance the experience.

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