Discovery Islands

The Discovery Islands are nestled between the British Columbia coastline and Vancouver Island, with Campbell River being the closest neighbour. Quadra Island, Maurelle Island, Sonora Island, Reed Island, Thurlow Island, Malcolm Island, Hardwicke Island, Cracroft Island, Minstrel Island, Halberdown Island, Redonda Island and Cortes Island

Discovery Islands – East & West Thurlow

Shoal Bay East Thurlow Island

Shoal Bay and Blind Channel are written in the pages of history for their fishing and the Yuculta Rapids are famous for their fast moving currents. Read more to learn more about these amazing jewels.

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Discovery Islands – Sonora Island

The_ship_Sutil off Sonora Island the Discovery Islands

Known today for Sonora Island Resort, this island is one of the larger of the Discovery Islands, rushing waters, abundant sea and bird life and a colourful history are what distinguish Sonora Island.

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Discovery Islands – Quadra Island

Kwakiutl_village_at_Cape_Mudge_on_Quadra_Island (1)

One of the largest of the Discovery Islands and certainly one of the most populated. Quadra Island attracts a lifestyle for artisans, recluses and the rich and famous who would prefer not to be found.

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Discovery Islands – Maurelle Island


From Campbell River it is a 20 minute northeast boat ride to Maurelle Island. This small Island is a part of the Discovery Islands group off the east central coast of Vancouver Island.

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Discovery Islands – Malcolm Island

Historical Fire in Sointula on Malcolm Island

Off the east of Vancouver Island is Malcolm Island, also known as Sointula, a colourful history and a mystic feel imprint Malcolm as a place of mystery and intrigue and a great deal of tragedy.

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