Campbell River Earthquake Preparedness

Learn how to be prepared for the big earthquake. Vancouver Island is on the Juan de Fuca Fault line as well as the Cascadia subduction zone and it is estimated that we are due for a massive earthquake.

How to Prepare for an Earthquake

Earthquake damage on the Highway in Campbell River

An earthquake is an inevitability on Vancouver Island, the question is how big will it be, and when? Are you prepared? Do you know how to prepare? Here is what to do to get ready for an earthquake.

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Inundation Zones of the Campbell River

Flood zones when the Dam Breaks Campbell River

Find where the post earthquake flood evacuations zones are for the Campbell River dam systems. Familiarize yourself with the evacuation routes, where the nearest high ground is located and the best route to get there, before the earthquake happens.

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Prepare your Family

Prepare your family for an earhquake

In case of an Earthquake do you have a family plan. Where is your marshalling point. How do we communicate, you may be at work and the kids at school, do they know what to do and where you are?

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Prepare your Home

Prepare your family for an earhquake

Do you turn off the gas after an earthquake? Do you have heavy objects on high shelves above your kids beds? These are things you can think of in advance to keep your home safe during an earthquake. Read these tips to help you earthquake proof your home.

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During the Shaking

Drop cover and hold on earthquake preparedness

It’s happening, we are having a the big earthquake. Now what? What is the best way to keep yourself alive and your family and pets safe?

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After the Shaking Stops

Earthquake zone explanation Campbell River Vancouver Island

You are now outside, the shaking has stopped and it’s a cold November night. Everyone is OK, but now what do we do? It may be weeks before help comes, are you ready to look after your family for that long without outside help?

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Your First Aid Kit

Your first aid kit for earthquake preparedness

There are must haves in any Earthquake First Aid Kit, beginning with where it is stored, what you absolutely need in your kit you would probably not have thought of.

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Your Emergency Kit

Personal Emergency kits for Earthquake what should I have in it

There are a whole host of items you can put into your Emergency Kit to keep you safe and comfortable after an Earthquake. Including items such as prescription drugs and dog food, and a few more you would never have thought of.

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Volunteer Emergency Responder Description

Campbell River Emergency Responder

Emergency re-ponders are the “heart” of any emergency response program. Thee are highly trained individuals that come together as a team in an emergency situation. Would you like to join that team? Here is what you need to know.

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