Campbell River Legends & Folklore

The Communities surrounding Campbell River and Quadra Island are riddled with Folklore. We present a small glimpse into the many stories.

The Haunting of the Heriot Bay Inn

aerial photo of heriot bay on Quadra Island

The Heriot Bay Inn on Quadra Island has long been known for its haunting spectres, from missing and presumed murdered loggers to lovers who died violet deaths, this old hotel has seen its day of hauntings.

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The Legend of Mitlenatch Island

Mitlenatch Island Discovery Islands Vancouver island

From princesses turned to solid rock, Mitlenatch Island is spared only in modern history. In the past Mitlenatch was shrouded in mystery and its name meaning “calm waters” only hint at a history besieged with strife.

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Monster off the Shore

monster off the shoreline

There has been more than one account of a monster off the shores of Campbell River. Klamahtossaurus could very likely have been the culprit. Keep your eyes to the water.

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Sasquatch: Myth or Misunderstood

sasquatch vancouver island

The Campbell River and northern Vancouver Island regions have been known as Sasquatch territory by the First Nations of the area for a millennium. Are they here. I am convinced are you?

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The Legend of Big Rock

Big Rock in Campbell River Vancouver Island

Big Rock is a monstrously huge rock prominently sitting on the beach in Campbell River, standing like an effigy and totally misplaced. Where did it come from?

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The Fable of the Giant Turtle Rocks

The legend of Turtle Rocks Campbell River BC Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island once sat at the bottom of the ocean, the evidence is all over the island encased in the karst veins particularly on the north Island around the Campbell River area. Within these karst veins lies what looks like giant turtle sculptures. Are they turtles?

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UFO Sightings on the North Island

UFO over Menzies Mountain Campbell River Vancouver Island

Beyond a shadow of a doubt the central north island region and Campbell River has one of the longest standing reputations for UFO sightings in British Columbia. Why? This picture is one of the best every taken.

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