Campbell River Downhill Skiing

Downhill Skiing on Vancouver Island

Skiing on Mt Cain Vancouver Island BC Canada

With the proliferation of three mountain ranges on the Northern and Central regions of Vancouver Island and copious amounts of snow, we boast two high quality ski hills, Mt Cain Society and Mount Washington Alpine Resort, with ample snow and temperatures that range around the freezing mark.

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Mount Cain Alpine Society

Mt Cain Alpine Park Society Vancouver Island

Mount Cain Alpine Resort near the community of Woss, offers some amazing back country skiing but not for the novice. Access is restricted and conditions can be extreme, this is true back country so caution is advised.

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Mount Washington Ski Resort

Mount Washington Back Country skiing

Mount Washing Ski Resort offers an excellent starting point for some of the best back country skiing on Vancouver Island. Through Paradise Meadows where there are groomed tracks to Mt Albert Edward and everything in between, a true back country skiers paradise.

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