Campbell River Geocaching

Geo-caching in Campbell River

Jane Geocaching near Campbell River on Vancouver Island

The activity of Geocashing in Campbell River is still in its infancy, however there are thousands of active caches in the area and all over Vancouver Island to be found. A great sport for the whole family including the kids, to get started just read on.

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Safety First in Geocaching

Journal in a geocache Campbell River Vancouver Island

Like any other outdoor activity, Geocashing begins with safety first and Vancouver Island Geocaching is no exception, you will be traveling through wilderness areas, so understand your risks and prepare.

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Geo-cache for the Beginner

Another Menzies Geocache Campbell River Vancouver Island

Preparation for Geocaching begins indoors, even though you may be in Campbell River the Great Outdoors. Will you be bringing your family? What equipment will you require? What do you need to know to get started? It is all here.

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The Hunt for the ultimate Geocache

An old Geocache Campbell River Vancouver Island

What does the ultimate Geocache mean to you? Do your research, feel confident in knowing the best method of approach to your cash location, be it in Campbell River or otherwise. It is up to you how fun you want to make your day. Look out you will get hooked.

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