Campbell River Hiking Trails has the most comprehensive descriptions of hiking trails in the North Central region of Vancouver Island, from popular trails such as the Ripple Rock Trail, Elk Falls Provincial Park Trails to a myriad of hiking opportunities in Strathcona Provincial Park.

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Trails – Strathcona Provincial Park

strathcona provincial park hiking trails Campbell river Vancouver island

The Strathcona Park wilderness on Vancouver Island encompasses dozens of established hiking trails, routes and climbs. If you are a novice trekker out for a waterfall walk or a seasoned mountain climber, Strathcona Provincial Park is the place to plan your next trip.

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Trails – Campbell River – Rogers Ridge

Hiking Rogers Ridge, near Campbell River, Vancouver Island near Mt Beadnell (2)

The Rogers Ridge Trail offers the opportunity to climb to a high alpine ridge at anytime of the year. Allowing access to a number of quality mountains to climb. When wanting to go hiking and explore in the Campbell River area, this is a must to check out if you have a back country vehicle. A true gem for Vancouver Island.

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Elk Falls Provincial Park Suspension Bridge – With Video

The Elk Falls Suspension Bridge in Elk Falls Provincial Park on Vancouver Island affords, wheel chair accessible trails and viewpoints 10 minutes north of Campbell River. Suspended over the Campbell River Canyon the suspension bridge provides incredible views of the canyon and the surrounding old growth forest

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Trails – Campbell River – Beaver Lodge

Beaver Lodge Forest Lands Hiking trails Campbell River Vancouver Island

Beaver Lodge Lands in Campbell River encompass dozens of routes for a short walk or an extended day trip. These easy trails are available for mountain bikers and hikers alike with a number of routes to choose from.

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Trails of Strathcona Provincial Park

Paradise Meadows in the Winter Strathcona Provincial Park

There are several great ski touring routes in Strathcona Provincial Park? From Bedwell Lake to Paradise Meadows near Mount Washington. Forbidden Plateau, Elk River Trail, Phillips Ridge, Flower Ridge, Upper Myra Falls, Bedwell Lake, Paradise Meadows Loop, Helen McKenzie Battleship Lake Loop, to Cirlclet Lake, take your pick.

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Trails – Strathcona Provincial Park – Bedwell Lake

Bedwell Lakehiking Trail Strathcona Provincial Park near Campbell River

The Bedwell Lake Trail in Strathcona Provincial Park in BC, is quickly becoming one of Vancouver Islands favorite trails. Access to numerous other trails stem from this one. Mt Big Interior, Mt Tom Taylor, Mt Septimus and Nine Peaks are just to name a few.

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Trails – Quadra Island – Lighthouse Walk

Cape Mudge Light house hiking trail and Attraction Quadra Island

A short trail takes you to the Cape Mudge Lighthouse, or go farther and venture into the forest and along the bluffs of the We Wai Kai Nation’s forest on the very southern tip of Quadra Island or venture onto the beaches and see if you can find the petroglyphs.

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Trails – Quadra Island – Maude Island/Seymour Narrows

Heather at Maude Island, Seymour Narrows Hiking trail on Quadra Island

The hike to Maude Island and to Seymour Narrows from the Quadra Island side is one of the most interesting hiking experiences I have had. The trail reeks of history as it was the old access for the trucks and hundreds of thousands of pounds of dynamite that was used to blow up Ripple Rock many years ago.

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Trails – Quadra Island – Mount Seymour

Mt Seymour Hiking Trail Quadra Island BC

At 620 metres high Mt Seymour on Quadra Island is one of the highest peaks on the Island with a view of the mainland coast range and the Strathcona and Vancouver Island Ranges of mountains. The hike is an easy day hike with spectacular results.

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Trails – Campbell River – McIvor Lake

McIvor_Lake_Trails_Map Campbell River Vancouver Island

The Skidmark Trails at McIvor Lake compliment the trails that run along the lake. A 15 minute drive from Campbell River these trails are primarily unknown even to locals and are an interesting walk for a day trip.

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Trails – Campbell River – Menzies Mountain

Menzies Mountain Trail Campbell River Hiking Trails, Vancouver Island

The Menzies Mountain lookout is no longer a secret. 20 minutes north of Campbell River on Highway 19, this old logging road takes about 40 minutes up a steep hill to reach the lookout. Keep your eyes out for the biking trails they will blow your mind.

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Trails – Strathcona Provincial Park – Marble Meadows

Marble Meadows hiking trail Strathcona Provincial Park near Campbell River

Across Buttle Lake in Strathcona Provincial Park on Vancouver Island BC is Marble Meadows. It may be a strenuous trail and hike up to the meadows but it is worth it. The rock formations in the meadows on the ridge will keep you entranced for a long time after you get home.

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Trails – Quadra Island – Nugedzi Lake

Nugedzi Lake hiking trail Quadra Island

The hiking trail up to Nugedzi Lake on Quadra Island is not the most scenic, until you get to the top of the hill, then it turns into a magical experience. I don’t know why but I believe this area is a bit of a spiritual nexus.

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Trails – Strathcona Provincial Park – Mount Myra

Mt Myra hiking trail Strathcona Provincial Park near Campbell River

The first third of the Mt Myra Trail is grueling, but once past the large boulder fields you are in the meadows and the going gets easier. From there you get a 360 degree view of Strathcona Provincial Park and are able to see the coast of Vancouver Island BC, beautiful.

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Trails – Campbell River – Oyster Bay Shoreline Park

Oyster Bay Regional Park trails, Campbell River Vancouver Island

The Oyster Bay Shoreline Park south of Campbell River is one of my favourite trails, mostly due to the sound of the Bald Eagles that constantly guard the trail near the water’s edge. Following the Oyster River this trail meanders beside low lands and the Oyster River itself.

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Trails – Quadra Island – Rebecca Spit

Rebecca Spit hiking Trails Quadra Island BC

When on Quadra Island plan on spending a whole day at Rebecca Spit Marine Provincial Park, the trails are flat and pass by massive Bald Eagles nests, around the end of the narrow spit of land with incredible views in all directions.

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Trails – Campbell River – Ripple Rock

Ripple Rock Trail Campbell River Vancouver Island

The famous Ripple Rock Trail, north of Campbell River, an 8 km trail that takes 4 hours return. Takes you to the sight of the Ripple Rock Explosion in Seymour Narrows. This trail offers large second growth trees and vistas of Menzies Bay as well as Quadra Island.

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Trails – Campbell River – Rotary Seawalk

Rotary Sea Walk trailCampbell River Vancouver Island

The Rotary Seawalk in Campbell River is considered a regional treasure. This 6 km long paved and wheel chair accessible trail follows the shoreline from downtown Campbell River to Willow Point. One of the highlights of visiting Vancouver Island.

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Trails – Quadra Island – Shellalligan Pass

Shellalligan Pass hiking trail Quadra Island BC

Shellalligan Pass trail on the east side of Quadra Island is accessed from the Village Bay Forestry Service Road with directional signs at the 2.3 km mark south of Village Bay lakes Road. An unusual topography on this trail with vistas of the east coast of Quadra Island.

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Trails – Strathcona Provincial Park – Price Creek

Price Creek hiking Trail Strathcona Provincial Park near Campbell River

Price Creek Trail in Strathcona Provincial Park on Vancouver Island BC, this strenuous trail is only embarked on by the very ambitious. Bush bashing, using your hands to get holds for steep terrain and boggy conditions do not deter the most determined.

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Trails – Campbell River – Snowden Demonstration Forest

Snowden Demonstration forest trails Campbell River Vancouver Island

The Snowden Demonstration Forest is not just for mountain biking, these trails encompass over 100 kms of single track, they are also a great place for hiking for an hour or for a full day. From Campbell River drive to Duncan Bay Rd from Highway 19 north, then turn on Brewster Lake Road and follow the signs. From novice to advanced there is something here for everyone.

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Trails – Campbell River – Storie Creek

Beaver dam campbell river vancouver island Storie Creek Trail

The Stories Creek Trail network in Campbell River offer something unique in all the trails in the area, an abundance of Beaver Lodges grace the edges of what looks like a dear trail rather than a regular trail.

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Trails – Campbell River – Twin Lakes Portage

Twin lakes portage trail sayward forest canoe route campbell river

A .8 km portage trail from Twin Lake to Amor Lake, as part of the Sayward Forest Canoe Route through established second growth, this wide trail was developed for carrying canoes and kayaks but makes for a nice walk in a deep green forest.

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Trails – Campbell River – Tyee Spit

Tyee Spit at sunrise Campbell River Vancouver Island

More of a park walk than a trail system, the Tyee Spit trail is surrounded by the Campbell River on one side and the Discovery Passage on the other. See whales and sea lions, on one side and Eagles and seals on the other.

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