Quadra Island Trails

Quadra Island’s culture is that of a natural variety, this is reflected in the bounty of hiking and biking trails the riddle the island. Hike to the summit of Chinese mountain or spend a full day on the Maude Island trail, no matter your taste there is a trail to suite your needs.

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Trails – Quadra Island – Lighthouse Walk

Cape Mudge Light house hiking trail and Attraction Quadra Island

A short trail takes you to the Cape Mudge Lighthouse, or go farther and venture into the forest and along the bluffs of the We Wai Kai Nation’s forest on the very southern tip of Quadra Island or venture onto the beaches and see if you can find the petroglyphs.

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Trails – Quadra Island – Maude Island/Seymour Narrows

Heather at Maude Island, Seymour Narrows Hiking trail on Quadra Island

The hike to Maude Island and to Seymour Narrows from the Quadra Island side is one of the most interesting hiking experiences I have had. The trail reeks of history as it was the old access for the trucks and hundreds of thousands of pounds of dynamite that was used to blow up Ripple Rock many years ago.

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Trails – Quadra Island – Mount Seymour

Mt Seymour Hiking Trail Quadra Island BC

At 620 metres high Mt Seymour on Quadra Island is one of the highest peaks on the Island with a view of the mainland coast range and the Strathcona and Vancouver Island Ranges of mountains. The hike is an easy day hike with spectacular results.

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Trails – Quadra Island – Nugedzi Lake

Nugedzi Lake hiking trail Quadra Island

The hiking trail up to Nugedzi Lake on Quadra Island is not the most scenic, until you get to the top of the hill, then it turns into a magical experience. I don’t know why but I believe this area is a bit of a spiritual nexus.

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Trails – Quadra Island – Rebecca Spit

Rebecca Spit hiking Trails Quadra Island BC

When on Quadra Island plan on spending a whole day at Rebecca Spit Marine Provincial Park, the trails are flat and pass by massive Bald Eagles nests, around the end of the narrow spit of land with incredible views in all directions.

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Trails – Quadra Island – Shellalligan Pass

Shellalligan Pass hiking trail Quadra Island BC

Shellalligan Pass trail on the east side of Quadra Island is accessed from the Village Bay Forestry Service Road with directional signs at the 2.3 km mark south of Village Bay lakes Road. An unusual topography on this trail with vistas of the east coast of Quadra Island.

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