Campbell River River Kayaking

The Gold River, the Campbell River, the Eve River, the Nimpkish River, just to name a few, from class five to class three, chose your river and time your trip for rain and you will not be disappointed, Vancouver Island offers plenty of opportunity.

River Running in North Central Vancouver Island

River kayaking is a growing sport and central Vancouver Island BC is a Mecca for the sport. With dozens of Rivers to choose from and water ranging from lower class 1 to Class 5 white water. In the Spring during the freshet, you will find dozens of rivers worth paddling.

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Kayaking or River Rafting – Adam River Canyon

The Adam River Canyon on northern central Vancouver Island BC is not suitable for all white water kayakers, it is an intermediate to expert run with class 3 to class 4+ water. Considered a technical river, this one is a bit of a challenge.

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Kayaking or River Rafting – the Campbell River

The Campbell River itself on Vancouver Island BC offers some great white water kayaking with easy access, the run is suitable for novice and intermediate kayakers as well as canoeists. It is a short run river which enables beginners to practice their skills in relative safety.

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Kayaking or River Rafting – Eve River

The Eve River on Vancouver Island BC for white water kayaking is suitable for intermediate and advanced kayakers only. A small river in terms of volume over gravel and boulder strewn cascades.

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Kayaking or River Rafting – Nimpkish River 2

Suitable for all levels of kayakers, canoeists and rafters the Nimpkish River 2 is a short Class 2 or 2+ rapid and fat water mix. This Vancouver Island BC specialty river is well known for its’ commercial rafting routes.

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