Campbell River Salmon Viewing

Five species of salmon come home to the Campbell River system to spawn, this is one of the reasons Vancouver Island is so famous for it’s salmon. Pink salmon, coho salmon, chinook salmon, chum salmon and steelhead salmon with the odd wayward sockeye salmon. These can be easily viewed in a number of locations including the Quinsam Salmon Hatchery and the Oyster River Salmon Hatchery.

Salmon of the Campbell River

Salmon in the Campbell River canyon Vancouver Island BC (2)

What we have learned about Salmon in the Campbell River is how much we don’t know about salmon in general. Although Vancouver Island in British Columbia owes much of its historical prosperity on these fish, we are still on a steep learning curb to answer many questions.

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Oyster River Salmon Hatchery

Oyster River Salmon Hatchery Campbell River Vancouver Island Brisith Columbia

Exclusively run by Volunteers and donated monies, the Oyster River Salmon Enhancement project is considered one of the most productive salmon enhancement programs on Vancouver Island and in particular Campbell River.

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Quinsam Salmon Hatchery with Video

The Quinsam River Salmon Hatchery in Campbell River, Vancouver Island and surrounding river and streams pro-offer some of the most outstanding prospects to view salmon in their natural habitat anywhere is BC and the west coast of Canada.

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Description – Chum Salmon (Oncorhynchus keta)

Chum Salmon by Harley Soltes Seattle Times

Chum salmon, often called Dog salmon because of their prominent teeth, are the last of the Pacific Salmon to enter the Campbell River system on Vancouver Island on the West Coast of Canada. These salmon become mottled toward the end of their life cycle.

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Description – Steel-head (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Steelhead slmon-trout Campbell River system on Vancouver Island

Steel head, the most coveted catchment of all salmon. The Campbell River does have Steel head, I have seen them, I have named them. There are so few Steel head left on Vancouver Island in BC it is illegal to keep them. However you can fish for them.

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