Campbell River Whale Watching

Campbell River is the  premier whale watching destination on the British Columbia Coastline.   The Discovery Passage between Vancouver Island and the mainland coast of British Columbia, Canada features’ such species as Killer Whales, Humpback Whales, Minke Whales and so much more. Come view our wildlife in safe boats and experienced guides.

Whale Watching & Marine Mammal Viewing off the BC Coast

Whale Watching Tours Campbell River Vancouver Island BC Canada

Participating in a Whale Watching tour in the Campbell River area or on Vancouver Island, is not only fun but a wild experience, expect to see far more than Killer Whales, our oceans are home to an bounty of marine mammal species including, sea lions, seals, otters, dolphins and lots more.

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Dall’s and other Porpoises

dall_porpoise_chasing the wake Campbell River Vancouver island Whale Watching tours BC Canada

The Dall’s Porpoise is a common sight in the waters surrounding the Discovery Islands, around Campbell River, with the occasional superpod numbering in the thousands of individuals.  These Marine Mammals which are an awesome sight to view on a tour are not the only porpoises to inhabit our waters.  Read More about Dall’s Porpoise…

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Whale Watching Guidelines for the British Columbia Coast

Pacific White Sided Dolphin Campbell River Whale Watching Vancouver Island BC Canada

With an increased proliferation of Whale Watching vessels and tour operators in the Campbell River region, Johnstone Straits and Vancouver Island, the guidelines for sightseeing have become more stringent. Get to know the law and the rules to protect yourself, all those whale lovers out there are watching you.

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Marine Mammals of the Georgia Strait

Campbell River whale watching and marine mammal tours Vancouver Island BC Canada

What do we do when we find a stranded or injured mammal? How do I identify a specific species of whale? What do they eat? How do Whales communicate with each other? The answers are all here.

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Indigenous Species – Steller Sea Lion

Steller Sea Lions Campbell River Whale Watching Vancouver Island BC Canada

Sea Lions are polygamous and arrive at colonies in early to mid May. One specific colony congregates at Mitlenatch Island just off the shores of Quadra near Campbell River. These migratory mammals are a wonder in size and vocal calls. You can hear them miles away.

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