Campbell River Vancouver Island Bear Watching

Vancouver Island is known for our proliferation of black bears. In Spring It is not uncommon to see black bears on the sides of the country and logging roads. Grizzly Bears  live primarily on the mainland, and habituate towards streams and rivers.

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Black Bears of Vancouver Island

Black Bear tours and viewing of Vancouver island Campbell River British Columbia

British Columbia is becoming world famous for its Bear Watching tours. Bear Watching in Campbell River on Vancouver Island is a centre for both Grizzly bear watching and black bear watching specifically because of the proximity of Bute Inlet the Grizzly bear capital of Canada.

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 Are Vancouver Island Bears Dangerous to Humans?  

Black Bear Watching in Campbell River, Vancouver Island BC Canada

When Bear Watching in the Campbell River Region on Vancouver Island, Beware; Black Bears can be dangerous if provoked, but not all bears are dangerous, you can prevent the danger these bears have on humans by following a few simple guidelines. Find those guidelines here.

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Safety Guide to Vancouver Island Bears

black Bear watching and tours Campbell River Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is famous for its Black Bears and Campbell River could likely be the epicenter of these gorgeous creatures because we see them in our back yards. What do we do to avoid bears? How can we prepare ourselves for an encounter and when we do have an encounter what do we do?

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