Campbell River Frog Migration

Twice a year the Vancouver Island tree frogs in the Campbell River forests migrate from the hundreds of square miles of forests to the lowlands and swamps to propagate then the baby tree frogs migrate back. Millions of these babies can be seen crossing roadways and fields if the timing is right.

About Vancouver Island Frogs

Pacific_Tree_Frog Vancouver island

At night you can hear the frogs even in downtown Campbell River but you rarely see them. Vancouver Island has only a few species of frogs, but these species are prolific. By the millions they migrating from the hills each year to the low lands to mate.

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Pacific Tree Frog (Hyla regilla)

migration of the pacific_tree_frog Vancouver island

The Pacific Tree Frog (Hyla rregilla) is a small green or brown frog habituates in large numbers in swamps and ponds all over Vancouver Island. These indigenous amphibians voice fill the summer air with their song.

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Red-legged Frog (Rana aurora aurora)

red_legged_frog Vancouver Island

The Red-legged Frog (Rana aurora aurora) is larger than the Pacific Tree Frog, light brown in colour it habituates west of the Coast mountain, and can be found all over Vancouver Island.

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