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Labour Market Update – North Island Employment Foundation Services

  Labour Market Update July 2017 – September 2017  NIEFS Labour Market Information Purpose The purpose of the following report is to provide local labour market information for Campbell River and the North Island.  The source of the information is obtained from the NIEFS Job Posting database which is compiled and analyzed internally and managed by … Continue reading Labour Market Update – North Island Employment Foundation Services


A new open access municipal broadband network in Campbell River, funded by the City and the Island Coastal Economic Trust, will provide businesses in the downtown core with affordable access to high-speed internet. High-speed internet is a necessity for most of today’s growth-oriented businesses, and people that depend on this technology are working beyond the boundaries of … Continue reading IMPROVED BROADBAND ACCESS WILL SPUR ECONOMY IN CAMPBELL RIVER

Lost Wallet – Huge Crisis

A friend of mine sent me this and I thought I would post it because it contains some pretty important and sensible recommendations. Points that we don’t think much about until after something goes desperately wrong. The suggestions are easy to accomplish and do not take a lot of time, but these actions could save … Continue reading Lost Wallet – Huge Crisis

Understanding website metrics

Understanding how *metrics are read on a website is as important as the numbers themselves. There is a big difference between “Hits” and “Page Views” as there is a difference between “Page Views” and “Visitors”, there is also a difference between “Visitors” and “Unique Visitors”, so here is a template to help you in your … Continue reading Understanding website metrics

The True Weight of Stress

The facilitator walked around the front of the room while explaining the details of stress management to her assembly, she carried in her hand a raised glass of water. Everyone in the audience expected her to ask the classic question, ‘Is the glass half empty or half full?’… She fooled them all …. “How heavy … Continue reading The True Weight of Stress

What is #Hootup #CampbellRiver

Background on Hootup #CampbellRiver Well we’ve all heard of Twitter, really how could we not have heard of Twitter and we have all heard that Social Media is the immerging technique for creating a social following, which in turn creates a marketplace for our products and services. From the perspective of marketing Campbell River, Twitter … Continue reading What is #Hootup #CampbellRiver

A Billion Dollar Shot in the Arm

Campbell River is poised to experience an influx of prosperity in the form of one of the Province’s largest hydro electric projects.  BC Hydro is following through on the John Hart upgrade which includes the complete replacement of the John Hart Generating Station and the three existing 1.8 kilometre long penstocks; placing the penstocks in … Continue reading A Billion Dollar Shot in the Arm

2nd Year 90,000 Visits

Campbell River Community Website hits 90,000 visits in its second year. What a Milestone and yes it’s true, after 5 grueling years in production and two years spent enhancing, modifying, tweaking, polishing and learning, we did it.  September has marked’s second year on the internet and we topped the scales with a whopping 90,008 … Continue reading 2nd Year 90,000 Visits

11 Rules to Live by on Twitter

Sooner or later we will all be engaged in social networking, even if you aren’t now, you probably will be someday “soon“.  Our world is becoming wrapped around being able to navigate, collect and send information quickly and Twitter is one of the fastest growing platforms in which to do that. However; be cognizant of … Continue reading 11 Rules to Live by on Twitter

Campbell River Cycling SWOT Anaylsis – Summary – December 2013

How to do a S.W.O.T Analysis (SWOT) Introduction & Background Campbell River’s location at the epicenter for Vancouver Island’s adventure corridor effectively positions the city as the gateway to a myriad of outdoor activities. Global economic trends, particularly as they relate to health, fitness and outdoor activity are on the rise at virtually alarming rates … Continue reading Campbell River Cycling SWOT Anaylsis – Summary – December 2013