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Breathing Life Into Death

Breathing Life into Death I believe that many people would deal with death more simply, naturally, and honestly if they knew how. Since death is something most of us do not discuss openly, it tends to stay tucked away in a dark corner. Until we allow light to shine on this subject, it will not … Continue reading Breathing Life Into Death

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)

What does it mean in Canada to have Medical Assistance in Dying? Medical assistance in dying occurs when an authorized doctor or nurse practitioner provides or administers medication that intentionally brings about a person’s death, at that person’s request. This procedure is only available to eligible patients. Medical Assistance in Dying, shortened to the acronym … Continue reading Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)

Our Bodies Matter

Our Bodies Matter I opened a conversation about death and dying with two elderly couples, but it didn’t take long before I was simply listening. These people had experienced profound losses over the years. What they found the hardest, they agreed, were the deaths where there was no body. A son who had gone swimming … Continue reading Our Bodies Matter

Listening with Compassion

Listening with Compassion “The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. Just listen. Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention…. A loving silence often has far more power to heal and to connect than the most well-intention-ed words.” Rachel Naomi Remen Often, when … Continue reading Listening with Compassion

So Do I Say?

What Do I Say?  After someone we know has experienced a tragedy, it can be hard to know how to respond. What do we say? What don’t we say? When another’s pain is so great, what difference can our words even make? After the death of a young father, a friend of his asked me … Continue reading So Do I Say?

A Good Death

Experiencing a Good Death How would you describe a “good death”? What would be important to you at the end of your life? Would you like your family and close friends nearby? Where would you be? What books might people read to you? What type of music might be playing? If you had to choose, … Continue reading A Good Death

Roger’s Journey

Roger’s Story In the spring of 2015, 63-year-old Roger was diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer. After enduring some painful and not particularly effective treatments, he chose to let the disease take its course. He wryly commented that although the doctors said, “It is your choice,” some were offended when his choice didn’t include their treatments. … Continue reading Roger’s Journey

The Wild Side of Grief

The Wild Side of Grief The universe and the light of the stars come through me. I am the crescent moon put up over the gate to the festival. –Rumi If I owned a store I would fill it with paper. I would arrange lovely shelving units and stock them with paper of various sizes, … Continue reading The Wild Side of Grief

Pacific Salmon Foundation (@PSF) Annual Dinner & Auction Fundraiser in Campbell River

The Pacific Foundation Annual Dinner Auction in Campbell River Campbell River is the Salmon Capital of the World. And if anything truly lends evidence to this statement, it’s the support of the community for the Pacific Salmon Foundation‘s (PSF) annual benchmark fundraiser, which was held recently this year at the Eagles Hall in Campbellton. The … Continue reading Pacific Salmon Foundation (@PSF) Annual Dinner & Auction Fundraiser in Campbell River

Diagnosing Spiritual Pain

How do we Diagnose Spiritual Pain ‘The only cure for your suffering is to lean into the source of its pain.” –Celtic Book of the Dead For more information on how to deal with Death and Dying visit Boyds Funeral Services. When we make an appointment with our doctor, we generally have a specific issue … Continue reading Diagnosing Spiritual Pain

Tutoring in Campbell River

With back to school happening now, it is a great time to think about the connection between a child’s self esteem and their success at school. Over the years I have noticed that how children see themselves as learners has a strong effect on their achievement at school. Having a strong foundation of basic skills … Continue reading Tutoring in Campbell River

Blooming Dogwoods

I have noticed for the past few years that the dogwood’s have an unusual proliferation of blossoms consistently each spring, this signifies that the weather is presenting perfect conditions for the flowering process. I have always noted that for me the characterization of spring begins with the heather in my neighbours yard beginning the bloom, … Continue reading Blooming Dogwoods

Downsizing for Seniors

If you or someone you love is in a situation where it is becoming evident that they will have to downsize and the idea of how much work it is going to be seems to be daunting. Well then you are not alone, with our ageing population, we as busy family members are finding that … Continue reading Downsizing for Seniors

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Ok, so the spider is not so itsy bitsy, but this is one of the cutest video’s of Campbell River I have seen in a while. Born of the Transformations on the shore. It screams to be shared with the world. Very Harry Potter esq. Click on the spider to watch the assembly. Posted on … Continue reading Itsy Bitsy Spider

Lost Wallet – Huge Crisis

A friend of mine sent me this and I thought I would post it because it contains some pretty important and sensible recommendations. Points that we don’t think much about until after something goes desperately wrong. The suggestions are easy to accomplish and do not take a lot of time, but these actions could save … Continue reading Lost Wallet – Huge Crisis

North Island Hospitals Project 2014

Before the project on the Campbell River Hospital began we interviewed Tom Sparrow, project Manager. Here is the video. We’ve all heard about the two new hospitals slated for construction in Campbell River and in the Comox Valley. But there still remains some unanswered questions and some confusion regarding the process, leaving some burning questions, … Continue reading North Island Hospitals Project 2014

The Last Salmon Dance

The Last Salmon Dance Beginning in mid July every year the Campbell River lays host to a gathering of hundreds of thousands of salmon, if not millions. This past few years the number of pink salmon migrating to the Campbell River and Quinsam River systems has been simply staggering, paying tribute to the ongoing efforts … Continue reading The Last Salmon Dance

Strathcona Wilderness Institute

Strathcona Park has been recognized as being the jewel in the crown that is British Columbia, being the very first Provincial Park created, which was incorporated more than 100 years ago. The Strathcona Wilderness Institute was developed to promote and protect the sensitive and enjoyable use of the 500,000 hectres that encompass the Park. … Continue reading Strathcona Wilderness Institute

The Unfolding Truth

The Unfolding Truth This story is a bit off the beaten path from my regular postings. I chose to write it in light of all the controversy surrounding the current decisions enacted by our city councilors, as there is a widening gap of disparity in all controversial considerations between what is truth and what is … Continue reading The Unfolding Truth

Campbell River Cycling SWOT Anaylsis – Summary – December 2013

How to do a S.W.O.T Anaylsis (SWOT) Introduction & Background Campbell River’s location at the epicenter for Vancouver Island’s adventure corridor effectively positions the city as the gateway to a myriad of outdoor activities. Global economic trends, particularly as they relate to health, fitness and outdoor activity are on the rise at virtually alarming rates … Continue reading Campbell River Cycling SWOT Anaylsis – Summary – December 2013

Fresh Cranberries Anyone

Cranberry Farms on Vancouver Island, Ironwood Farm near Campbell River The Christmas season is here,or does it matter? The one thing that will be on every ones shopping list this season will be! Cranberries! My favorite. Nothing goes better with turkey than fresh cranberries. My job at, directs me in many diverse and wonderful … Continue reading Fresh Cranberries Anyone