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How do I make my Twitter account effective, how do I engage in Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, or Youtube for my business, we post a number of high quality stories on how we make it work.

Income Tax Rebate Scam

Waiting for an Income Tax Rebate? DON’T BE FOOLED!! Watch out in your email for a message stating you will be receiving an e-transfer, and when you click on it you will be sent to an official looking Canada Revenue Agency site which asks you for personal ID and a refund going to your credit … Continue reading Income Tax Rebate Scam

The Best WordPress Tutorial

The Best WordPress Tutorial My web designer,  is an accomplished instructor when it comes to training & teaching people to deal with content management systems, and in particular WordPress. WordPress was launched in 2003 as a primarily blogging platform and has since morphed into one of the world’s largest self-hosted blogging and website tools. WordPress … Continue reading The Best WordPress Tutorial

Understanding website metrics

Understanding how *metrics are read on a website is as important as the numbers themselves. There is a big difference between “Hits” and “Page Views” as there is a difference between “Page Views” and “Visitors”, there is also a difference between “Visitors” and “Unique Visitors”, so here is a template to help you in your … Continue reading Understanding website metrics

What is #Hootup #CampbellRiver

Background on Hootup #CampbellRiver Well we’ve all heard of Twitter, really how could we not have heard of Twitter and we have all heard that Social Media is the immerging technique for creating a social following, which in turn creates a marketplace for our products and services. From the perspective of marketing Campbell River, Twitter … Continue reading What is #Hootup #CampbellRiver

2nd Year 90,000 Visits

Campbell River Community Website hits 90,000 visits in its second year. What a Milestone and yes it’s true, after 5 grueling years in production and two years spent enhancing, modifying, tweaking, polishing and learning, we did it.  September has marked’s second year on the internet and we topped the scales with a whopping 90,008 … Continue reading 2nd Year 90,000 Visits

11 Rules to Live by on Twitter

Sooner or later we will all be engaged in social networking, even if you aren’t now, you probably will be someday “soon“.  Our world is becoming wrapped around being able to navigate, collect and send information quickly and Twitter is one of the fastest growing platforms in which to do that. However; be cognizant of … Continue reading 11 Rules to Live by on Twitter