Campbell River Take out – Delivery

A comprehensive list of all Take Out and Delivery dining facilities and restaurants in Campbell River and North Vancouver Island.

Cedar St. Eats

Cedar St Eats Healthyway natural foods Campbell River

Address: 1121 Cedar St., Campbell River BC, V9W 2W4
Phone: 250-286-6011
Toll Free: 1-877-922-6011
Facebook: Cedar St. Eats
Instagram: Cedar St. Eats
Past the display of bakery goods…Blue berries scones GF! I haven’t had scones in forever, trying to find foods that I can truly enjoy is almost unheard for me..But! Today I bought a scone…It was amazing! And super deelish! And no stomach reaction!! Wahoo, blueberry scone for the win! Thank you so much for offering such amazing products & goods for people who have a hard time tolerating anything let alone anything with actual flavour. 

Dockside Fish & Chips

Dockside fIsh and Chips Campbell River Logo

Serving fresh,  local fish from our fabulous fully licensed floating restaurant; the freshest halibut, red snapper, and wild salmon caught by a sustainable fishery in the waters surrounding Vancouver Island.   Come for the food, come back for the experience.  

Acropolis Steak House

Address: #A5 & #A6-465 Merecroft Rd, Campbell River BC, V9W 6K6
Phone: 250-914-0909

Dairy Queen

Address: 1362-16th Ave., Campbell River BC, V9W 2E1
Phone: 250-287-2227

Wasabiya Sushi Cafe-Sushi

Address: #A3-465 Merecroft Rd., Campbell River BC, V9W 6K6
Phone: 250-287-7711
Fax: 250-287-7714