Campbell River Seniors

A comprehensive list of seniors services in Campbell River, serving Quadra Island and north Vancouver island, including services in; extended care homes & facilities, elder colleges, assisted living, long term care, pharmacies, active living program, home support, safety, handydart, lifeline, Canada Pension Plan and old age security, associations and home care, relocations services, seniors homes and residences, foot care, mobility, counseling and Yuculta Lodge.

Berwick by the Sea

Berwick by the Sea Retirement Community

Address: 1353 – 16th Ave., Campbell River BC, V9W 0C4
Phone: 250-850-1353
Toll Free: 1-844-418-1353
Fax: 250-850-1355
An Oceanside Adventure in Retirement Living: Welcome to a new standard in senior accommodation, offering flexible, upscale and affordable senior living choices, including independent and assisted options. Community, caring and living to the fullest, that’s Berwick Retirement Communities.

Advantage Safety Bath

Address: 72 Larwood Rd., Campell River BC, V9W 1S2
Phone: 250-830-7030

Full Circle Care

Address: Jacqueline Road, Campbell River BC
Phone: 250-203-0369

Island Mediquip

Address: 1454 Ironwood St., Campbell River BC, V9W 5T5
Phone: 778-346-1073
Fax: 778-346-4412