Campbell River Funeral Services

A comprehensive listing of all funeral services in Campbell River serving North Vancouver Island including cremations, funeral homes, funeral planning and final arrangements, mortuaries and cemeteries.

Suttons Funeral Homes

Address: 502 South Dogwood Street, Campbell River BC, Canada V9W 6R4
Phone: 250-287-4812

To Have a Service or not to Have a Service?

Campbell River Funeral Services

A loved one has passed and you are not sure if you should have a service or not have a service, flowers or no flowers, a celebration of life or no celebration of life. Once your funeral home has been selected, decisions need to be made.  Read More…

We Experience Physical Changes when Loved Ones Die

Dealing with the death of a loved one

The death of a loved can be traumatic.  We often don’t realise that having someone close to us pass away may also affect our state of physical well being. Death has an adverse effect on the health of the living as well as causing immense grief.  What to expect…  Read More…

What does it mean to Have Medical Assistance in Dying?

Medical assistance in dying

Physician assisted dying is a safe, compassionate choice for those who face the prospect of a long run and horrific death.  The Supreme Court of Canada has now passed a law that allows a choice.
Read More…

When People deal with Death Simply

Funeral Services Campbell River

However the majority of us do not.  Often when our loved ones die we are unprepared, have no prior experience with close death or we are over consumed with the loss. Decisions, funeral preparations, celebrations of life and arrangements often become daunting tasks.  Read More…

When your Desires are Distilled, what really Matters

Campbell River Funeral Services

Few of us contemplate our own deaths. funerals, arrangements, services or what or who  is left behind rarely crosses our minds, unless we are facing a tragic debilitating disease or life threatening situation already.  Read More

Your Body does Matter

Campbell River Funeral Services

Death is profound as it is, but what is generally found to be the most difficult to handle is a death where there is no body. A funeral service does not seem to be complete without the physical presence of the loved one we are honouring.  Read More…