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Duel Fuel services fuel scrubbing Campbell River Vancouver IslandDuel Fuel Services

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Dual Fuel Services Fuel Scrubbing north Vancouver Island Campbell River
Before and after scrubbing

Duel Fuel Services provides advanced, on-site fuel polishing services for gas and deisel, that returns your degraded or otherwise contaminated fuels back to a clean reliable fuel source that extends the life of your engine.

Contaminated diesel, gasoline, fuel oil, or jet fuel  can become a detriment to your engine, it can shorten the life of your equipment.  Every litre of fuel you reclaim is a litre that you are not required to buy and a litre that does not require disposal. Saving you time and money.  

sludge in your fuel, Dual Fuel Services Cambpell River Vancouver Island
Sludge in your fuel

We apply a full range of proffessional fuel polishing services designed specifically to meet your requirements.

Our equipment is fully mobile; this allows us to service fuel tanks and lines from the very small to extremly large, with a great deal of flexibility.  

We are happy to service remote locations.  Often this is done with no interruption to equiment operations.  

Duel Fuel services We take the demons away, Campbell River Fuel Scrubbing

Phone:  250-895-0414
Email:  info@dualfuelservices.ca

Water in your fuel, Dual Fuel Services
Water in your Fuel
  • Increase your equipment run-time & reliability
  • Reduce your operation and maintenance costs
  • Extend the life of your equpment and your tanks
  • Improve combustion and performance
  • Lower your fuel burning emissions
  • Clean tanks often lower insurance rates
  • Reduce your need to buy replacement fuels and experience fuel down time challenges
  • Saves on disposal fees and conserves expensive resources

Duel Fuel Services Campbell River Vancouver Island

Phone:  250-895-0414
Email:  info@dualfuelservices.ca

 What We are, and What We do:

  • Sludge in fuel Campbell River Dual fuel services
    Leftover sludge after fuel has been scrubbed

    CSA guideline compliant

  • We provide  fuel quality analysis, both pre and post-treatment verifying fuel quality
  • Tank jetting and fuel polishing, including Marine, Heavy equipment, Automotive, Storage Tanks, RV’s and just about everything inbetween.
  • Remove water from your fuel
  • Remove contaminants from your tank

If you are looking for superior tank cleaning and fuel polishing services, give us a call.  

Serving Vancouver Island from Victoria to Holberg. 

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Duel Fuel Services Campbell River Fuel Scrubbing