Photo Galleries

Pictures of the Campbell River area show that the visual diversity of the region is one of our greatest assets.

There is no way to describe the unqualified beauty of the region other than in photos. If a picture is worth a thousand words then we are proud to present to you this lengthy testament to the splendour and visual exhibit that is our home.

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 Inspiring Quotes with Local Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words, an inspiration is worth a thousand thank you's, share and send your loved one a note they can truly understand with their heart.

From the Air

Nothing shows true nature like aerial photos. Observing Campbell River and the surrounding region by air offers a spectacular bird's eye view of our wildly diverse landscape.


Entice your child or your inner child with the secrets of a sandy beach to explore, our beaches hold mystery yet to be explored, fantasy yet to be realised and relaxation waiting right around the next corner.


From estuary blinds to mountain top trails, the tiniest of humming birds to the mighty bald Eagle. Catch your photograph, record your sighting. You will be back for more.

Black Bears

The enticement of achieving the very best of pictures of a single subject within the largest population of black bears in the world heighten your bear watching experience in our sector.

Black Tailed Deer

They may be pests for the garden but intrinsic to the wildlife of the area. Bambi never had it so good.


The Island of Caves and the subterranean passages they encompass are here to be explored, revered and preserved.

Coast Range Views

Enjoy these moment in time captures from every angle, in every season.

Coastal Scenery

Enjoy these moment in time captures from every angle, in every season.


View these mighty beasts of the air with us, on the wing, in the nest, hunting and fishing they are an aerial sight to behold.

Elk Falls Provincial Park

Elk Falls Provincial Park lies directly northwest of Campbell River and boasts one of the highest suspension bridges in the province. Amongst a number of cascading water falls, deep blue pools and a rapidly moving river, this park is a wonder.


By Roderick Haig Brown "There will be days when the fishing is better than one's most optimistic forecast, either when it is far worse. Either is a gain over just staying home."

Fungi & Mushrooms

Don't eat the mushrooms. Foraging edible mushrooms is a pastime for most people on the Island, just beware we have a number of seemingly benign varieties that are deadly if consumed.

Gold Lake Trail Through a Fish Eye Lens

The Gold Lake Trail, one of the most inaccessible trails in Strathcona Park on Vancouver Island. One of the last visages of true old growth timber on Vancouver Island. An amazing hike, through dense underbrush to spectacular vistas of the lake.

Grizzly Bears

The mightiest of all beasts in our region, this majestic predators can be viewed in a safe environment just a short trip away.


The best kept secret of our area, with hundreds of trail networks close to the community from easy to ultimately extreme.


Hundreds of islands, thousands of beaches, rivers and estuaries and everything in-between, the kayak is the way to see it all.

Killer Whales

Our mighty predators of the sea, as alluringly delightful as they are dangerous.

Linda’s Garden

In Spring or summer our back yards explode with a vivid display of wild and vibrant colour.

Lunar Eclipse September 2015

The phases of the Lunar Eclipse, simply magical.

Mammals with a few bees tucked in there

We live amongst some of the world's top predatory animals. They might surprise you.


Misty waters, rough seas our marinas hold a safe harbour but they are also beautiful to photograph.

Marine Mammals

Take a closer look at our cousins marine mammals are not only elusive but mysteriously linked to humans.

Mount Albert Edward

Test your metal and try your luck at this 19 kilometre round trip hike, the reward is magnificent.

Planes & Helicopters

In a region as vast as this, there is really only one way to get around to the remote areas and that is to take flight.

Ripple Rock Trail

A path to the site of the Largest non-nuclear explosion in history. In every step there is a story of tragedy and triumph.


Roderick Haig Brown once said "A river is water in its loveliest form; rivers have life and sound and movement and infinity of variation, rivers are veins of the earth though with the lifeblood returns to the heart.

Rogers Ridge in the Fall

Rogers Ridge is a great hike in the Spring, Summer and Fall months and an even better one in the winter with skies or snowshoes if you can access the back country. Stunning images of the ridge in the Fall.

Ron Odowichuk Photography

Ron's keen eye and long standing patience have culminated in a wide array of breathtaking photographs of our wildlife and the Campbell River area.

Rowing for Tyee

Let the fishing adventure begin. Tyee Rowing is not for the faint at heart, sometimes it can take years to land the big one and get your name immortalized in the Tyee Club of British Columbia

Scuba Diving the Georgia Strait

The Georgia Strait has a reputation of having some of the best cold water scuba diving in the world. With a vast array of invertebrates, forests of kelp and swift currents that carry nutrients to every bay and fjord it is no surprise that it lives up to its reputation.

Ships of the Discovery Passage

As one of the busiest marine highways of the west coast, the Discovery Passage boasts the viewing of ships from all over the world, so close you can almost touch them.


When the South Eastern storms arrive in the late fall, the sea rises in fury, the wind whips at gale force strength and the rain pelts to rejuvenate the entire landscape.

Strathcona Provincial Park

What can be said about Strathcona Park can only be said in pictures and video. Over 250,000 hectares of true wilderness may never be embodied in a few pictures, but we can try.

Sunrises & Sunsets

Coastal mountains, moving waterways, serene beaches are the backdrop for remarkable and inspiriting sunrises and sunsets, right from your bedroom window.

The Working Coast

It may be a working coast but even in that fact there is beauty.

Totem Poles

These monuments of our First Nations culture, carved with love and appreciation for the natural world, contain ancient symbols and lore endemic in the heritage of our first peoples.

Transformations on the Shore

Each year the Shoreline Arts event draws thousands from all over the world to watch the carving in action. Displayed throughout town the finished carvings are revered and appreciated for the works of fine art they are.

Underwater Fish

From Alevins to Fry, from Fry to Smelts, to fully grown, the journey of the salmon is rarely seen below the surface of the water. Here is your chance.


Every season carries its own colour here on the coast. Each month presenting a new bouquet of wildflowers, from prolific daisies to the rare and tiny carnivorous specialities, all imbued with a unique scent and delightful presentation.