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North Island Employment Society Labour Market Update September 2017

Labour Market Update

July 2017 – September 2017 

NIEFS Labour Market Information

The purpose of the following report is to provide local labour market information for Campbell River and the North Island.  The source of the information is obtained from the NIEFS Job Posting database which is compiled and analyzed internally and managed by NIEFS.
What is the NIEFS Job Posting database?
The Job Posting database is a tool in which NIEFS is able to collect information specifically from local employers regarding work opportunities in their business or organization.  The information is submitted electronically, by phone or in person by the employer.  From here, the information is entered into the database and serves two main purposes:

  1. To provide client centered information regarding employment opportunities displayed on the NIEFS website, on-site job board and on Shaw cable and,
  2. It provides specific labour market information on Campbell River and the North Island which allows us to track and analyze economic trends and supply and demand side labour market transitions in the area.

Although the NIEFS Job Posting database is able to track and analyze many labour market indicators, the following are presented in this report for the period July 1, 2017 – September 30, 2017.

  1. Chart 1: 3-year Comparison Total Job Postings – all Regional Districts (as listed below)
  • Strathcona
  • Mt. Waddington
  • Comox Valley
  • Other
  1. Chart 2: Total Job Postings by Quality of Employment – all Regional Districts as this can be an indicator of the health of the local economy: Casual; Contract; Full-time; Part-time; Seasonal.                                                                          
  2. Chart 3: National Occupation Code (NOC) by Percentage of Total Job Postings

It is important to note that the information collected through the NIEFS job posting database is by no means exhaustive but does represent a large portion of job postings in the area.
For questions or additional information please contact:
Shannon Baikie – MA, CCDP
Regional Manager
Community & Labour Market Services
Phone: (250) 286-3441

Chart 2: Quality of Employment Total Job Postings 

April 1, 2017 – June 30, 2017

Chart 1: 3-year Comparison of Total Job Postings – All Regional Districts
Did you know…

Between July – September 2017 NIEFS posted 1028 jobs which was up 244 postings from the same quarter in 2016.  Total annual postings for this 12 month period are also up by 870 compared to 2016 and 1013 compared to 2015 as shown in Chart 1.

Top Industries – Total Job Postings

The top industries for job postings this quarter were:

  • Tourism/Hospitality = 22% (223 postings)
  • Forestry = 16% (168 postings)
  • Retail/Wholesale = 13% (134 postings)
  • Construction/Trades = 12% (119 postings)