One Step at a Time

Hike up Rogers Ridge

Like so many beginnings, it starts on a logging road and gear orientation.

In the beginning Rogers Ridge

Packing up, quit that laughing will ya.  Stop having fun.

Chrissy at the beginning Rogers Ridge

Heading up – Blueberries everywhere, yummy, big fat, juicy, wild blueberries.

Cath coming through the blue berries

A little bit of forest then climbing our first big  hill.  Cath in colour.

Cath heading up the hill

Glimpse of the first in a series of three alpine lakes on the route.

gorgeous shot of the alpinelake

2nd Lake, little white cotton ball flowers, their seeds followed us up to the top of the ridge, they were so cool it was like snowing cotton balls.

lake with water droplet

lakeside white flowers amazing

spectacular colours of lake and white flowers

That’s what I get for not wearing my glasses, a water bead on the camera.  Didn’t see that.

chrissy by lake with flowers

Pink, red, green and yellow. Spectacular. I love fall colours in the alpine.

Chrissy in colour

Up yet another steep hill.

onward and upward through the heather

Wow. The colour is amazing.

Cath on the first step of the ridge

Step gully traverse, lost our trail. Oh Well.

toward the ridge chrissy

Onto the Ridge. Our first view of Strathcona Park.

chrissy on the first bench looking at mountains


looking back from wnse we came

In search of the perfect camping spot.

WE found our tenting spot

Darn cold when the sun moved over the horizon. 

eating dinner geting chilly

Before dinner cup of tea. Cold, cold wind.

bitter cold wint and tea in am

Making our gourmet dinner. Rule number one, Cath preps, Chrissy cooks. Even in my home kitchen I prep and cook, then Chrissy comes in and adds whatever spices she see fit. I’m OK with that.

the kitchen

Bundled up for an evening cup of tea.

tea in the evening light

Chrissy’s new tent. We should be gear testers, we could have made lots of improvements to this one. Overall pretty good, just real complicated to put up.

tent with fly

Mt Wadding in the Coast Range clear as day with the Arabesque Ridge beside it. We know that because both of us have been there.  One of the most beautiful places on the planet. What a view.

the waddington

Evening contemplation. Feeling good, feeling strong.

enjoying the evening view

Alpine Sunset.

sunset drama

A room with a view of Strathcona Park tow the west and a sweeping view of the east coast including Campbell River and Quadra Island to the east.

not a bad place to sleep

Morning stretch.  In the words of my dearly departed dad.  “Praise the day”.

praising the morning

Imagination Dragons. Can you see it? alpine trees are facinating.

and we met dragons

The kitchen, sheltered from the biting wind. Freekin cold.

snack time 2

Morning ridge walk.  From the very far left:  Mt Washington, Albert Edward, Alexandra and Mt Adrian. The Ridge goes for quite a ways and given time you could climb Mt Adrian from this angle. I will be back.

cath looking back at CR

A couple of stunning Alpine lakes.

full sun ridge walk wow

Look at the farthest Lake (Beadnell) there is a faint outline of white on the right hand side, that’s a new road. In the next few weeks that hillside will be logged.  That kinda sucks as this area is ripe for recreational hiking and climbing.  It would make a great trip to come up to Beadnell and do a circle route up to the ridge on the left, follow the ridge to the south, then down again by the lakes. We figure it would take about 7 hours in total (barring any problems).  And it could be done on skies and snowshoes quite easily. One heck of a cool bowl to ski also.

Look closely

Cath with Mt Adrian and Mt Alexandra in the background. Coming off the south east side of Rogers Peak. Embracing my inner Godess.

Cath embraccing her inner godess

On the way down.  We kinda got off track. Trail is gone. No problem we know the direction.

not all fun and games some steep climbing

I’m not lolly gagging, I’m beelining it for Zelda.  We parked way back because it was an active logging road, so we hiked about 3 or 4 kms  on thte logging road to the truck.

the logging road walk back

Forward thinking Chrissy stashed a few beers in the cooler with Zelda, along with a bag of organic potato chips, what a sweet friend I have.

The camera battery was dying so we didn’t get a chance to get the picture we wanted but alas, the memory is there, embedded in our brains, our muscles and of course inn our hearts.

My love heart that is not my mechanical heart.

Tired and stinky

We found this along the way but won’t be publishing it.  We met up with the guys who built this cabin on the way down.  Nice guys, now we know who to call if we want to use the cabin. Haha – I know a guy.

This is one of three that we know of on that Ridge. Nicely appointed cabin, fully equipped.

Rogers Ridge (4)

Unedited video we took along the route. Portmann is going to kill me for this one. Haha. I so need a new camera. Take note Cath’s gators, one is inside out.

Buttle lake on the left.  Beadnell Lake is the larger one in the middle.

Rogers Ridge