Twin Lakes on the Sayward Forest Canoe Route

Twin Lakes a great place to paddle

As with most of the Sayward Forest Canoe Route, Twin Lakes has long been on my bucket list to paddle.  This past few years in the Spring and Summer I have been a little too busy to take 4 or 5 days out of my work week to paddle the entire route, so this year  I promised myself I would pick it off in piece.  I was not disappointed with this leg of the route.

The Twin lakes themselves are small, quiet and quite surreal, so it doesn’t take much time to paddle the entire shoreline. There are a few interesting features about these lakes with the most interesting one being the “creek” or “channel” that leads to the trail head of the portage between Twin Lakes and Mohun Lake, which is a 1.6 kilometre portage, the second longest in the Sayward Forest Canoe Route chain.  

Paddling this channel is like moving back in time, you have a feeling of the age of the lake, the submerged logs and the thick foliage that surrounds the passage, makes you feel like you are in a tunnel.

We experienced moderately high water, so it was fairly easy for my canoe to navigate a number of submerged logs as it only draws a few inches of water, however, the paddle boarders did not fair as well.  The fins on the boards were drawing at least 6 inches of water which was not enough to get over many of the logs. But that fact did lend to fits of laughter every time one of the girls dumped the paddle board or ended up in the water. Especially when us canoe aficionado’s cleared the obstacles so easily.  And us canoe chicks also carried all the weight and all the gear (almost) and still had no problem.

Twin lakes is a great couple of lakes to go for an evening paddling, no matter what your craft. The boys say the fishing is decent and it’s really quiet.  A great spot with amazing views of Menzies Mountain.

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