Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands are in a Level 3 Drought

Level Three drought on Vancouver Island who would have thought?

The Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development has declared that Vancouver Island is at a Level 3 drought rating:

“This means very dry conditions with potentially serious ecosystem and socioeconomic impacts”.

And it’s only JUNE.

Buttle Lake Narrows low water
Buttle Lake Narrows very low water, June 2019

Level 3 drought in Campbell River

Climate change is now becoming alarmingly evident on Vancouver Island.

What is the difference between being in a level three drought and Stage 2 water restrictions?

Class 3 drought reflects the amount of rain we have had in the a certain length of time.

The stage of our water restrictions is based on the amount of water we have in our water sheds and the Municipalities ability to continue delivering water systems to the community, including but not exclusive to fire protection, community consumption and salmon protection. 

We are lucky to be living in Campbell River where we have a large watershed.  Stage 2 watering restrictions will start on July 1st.

Ministry staff, in a news release expressed concerns regarding several important salmon streams on the island that are approaching critical flow thresholds for ecosystems and fish, including juvenile trout and salmon.  With Environment Canada and Climate Change Canada releasing data that show this spring was “significantly drier than normal” for most of the province.

Comox on Vancouver Island saw dramatic decreases in rainfall in March, April, and May, with only 74 millimetres of rain, which equates to only  34 per cent of the 215.3 millimetres which is normal for the same period.

To understand what a stage 2 water use restrictions take a look at the following tables.

Campbell River Water Restriction Tables:

Water restrictions Campbell River 1Campbell River Water Restrictions Table 2Campbell River Water Restrictions 3

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