Wild Animal Caution for Vancouver Island

Lupiin Falls hiking Trail in Strathcona Provincial Park BC, Canada


Choose from a half-day jaunt in and around the lakes and hills of Quadra Island, just a 7 minute ferry ride from Campbell River, or make an effort on a multi-day strenuous vertical climb that Strathcona Provincial Park is famous for, it all exists within minutes of the city limits of Campbell River.

Vancouver Island’s unique geography features three main mountainLupiin Falls hiking Trail in Strathcona Provincial Park BC, Canada ranges that thrust dramatically and directly from the shorelines up to seven thousand feet. At the foundations of these stunningly beautiful mountains, copious quantities of precipitation create the lush forests and dense undergrowth of ancient temperate rain forests, with some of the largest Cyprus (Cedar) trees in the world blanketing the interior basins around central Vancouver Island.

At the alpine level, the dwarfed and twisted alpine cypress are scattered throughout the high ridges, mingled with alpine tarn’s, flowers, a wide variety of heather and meadows.